About Allergy EatUp!

The idea for the Eatup! App got cooking in Spring of 2015 after many family meal conversations with my husband, twelve-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son.  Click here to find out how Eatup! is a family project.

We want to train brains to see allergens in food because educating everyone about food is key for allergy awareness everywhere!

Eatup!  is a mobile app built to make it easy to find foods containing the top eight allergens. The App uses real photos of food to teach about allergies.

Eatup!  is easy to navigate –any age can play it.

Eatup!  is designed for anyone managing food allergies! 

Eatup!   is a great tool to train teachers, co-workers and caregivers.

We can’t wait to share this exciting life-learning tool to everyone, everywhere.


Kit Sandner 
Founder, Eatup!
Surfdom, LLC

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