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Did you know that a Soy Allergy…

  • Is not a major allergen for adults
  • Could mean that children allergic to Soy may also be allergic to Milk

  • Means most individuals allergic to Soy can safely eat soy lecithin

  • Has researches undecided if there is enough Soy proteins in soybean oil and soy lecithin to cause a reaction in most people with a Soy allergy.

  • Means anyone allergic to Soy should know raw vegetables like Soy do NOT have to be labeled by the FDA.

  • Means it is possible for people to be allergic to both peanuts & soy—both are legumes.

  • Causes reactions in 50% of infants who reacted to cow’s milk formula

  • Means anyone allergic to Soy should be cautious of foods purchased abroad may NOT include the word Soy on their label.

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